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Leverage Technology To Maximize HME Business Growth

Posted by Jason Dillon on April 3, 2017



The implementation of competitive bidding across the United States wreaked havoc within the HME marketplace. Smaller HME providers found themselves heavily hit and scrambling to recover from the far-reaching ramifications of losing a competitive bid, including financial loss and the need to develop a new plan. Many HME providers were forced to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and begin anew. Investing in HME-specific technology that improves market visibility, supports adaptability, and informs strategic decision-making is a critical component to overcoming the adversity imposed by competitive bidding.

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Topics: Sales, Technology, HME, Market Intelligence Data, Sales Growth

The VGM Heartland Conference 2016: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on June 10, 2016


This year’s Heartland Conference will take place at the convention center, just a short distance from the corporate headquarters of VGM. They go out of their way to provide daily break-away entertainment as well as a deep educational opportunity. A majority of the attendees consider this conference to be absolutely indispensable.

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Topics: Sales, Technology, HME, Trade Shows, DME, VGM, Competitive Bidding, Heartland

Home Health Technology Summit: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on March 9, 2016


The Home Health Technology Summit is just around the corner! It’s being held at The Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, and while it’s target audience is all home-based services, it is hosted by HME News, one of the top Home Medical Equipment publications in the country.

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Topics: Technology, Home Health, HME, Trade Shows, HME News, Post-Acute Care

Medtrade Spring Conference: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on February 25, 2016


Each year, there are two Medtrade Conferences held on opposite sides of the country. Medtrade Spring is in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay from February 29th to March 2nd. The second one, Medtrade Fall, is coming up later this year in Atlanta. These conferences feature some of the most innovative and exciting new HME advancements available anywhere. The amount of outstanding sessions is astronomical, and we here at PlayMaker CRM consider both to be "can't miss" events!

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Topics: HME, Trade Shows, Emerge Sales, Mike Sperduti, Medtrade

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