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PlayMaker CRM Configurable Dashboards: Visibility into the Metrics that Matter Most to You

Posted by Jennifer Artabane on April 13, 2017



With the release of our recent configurable dashboards feature, it’s easier than ever before for the entire sales and marketing organization to monitor and manage activity and performance. We know that each person within the organization has a different perspective, and how you choose to configure your dashboard is dependent upon your objectives and what you wish to compare.

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Topics: Sales Management, CRM, Technology, Sales Growth

Leverage Technology To Maximize HME Business Growth

Posted by Jason Dillon on April 3, 2017



The implementation of competitive bidding across the United States wreaked havoc within the HME marketplace. Smaller HME providers found themselves heavily hit and scrambling to recover from the far-reaching ramifications of losing a competitive bid, including financial loss and the need to develop a new plan. Many HME providers were forced to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and begin anew. Investing in HME-specific technology that improves market visibility, supports adaptability, and informs strategic decision-making is a critical component to overcoming the adversity imposed by competitive bidding.

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Topics: Sales, Technology, HME, Market Intelligence Data, Sales Growth

Take Control Of Your Sales Growth with TargetWatch

Posted by Adam Bishop on February 22, 2017



Inefficient and outdated systems are counterintuitive to sales growth. Their lack of transparency often results in missed opportunities and profit loss in the form of reduced market share and presence. More and more, post-acute healthcare companies are realizing that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, they must adapt their business practices.

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Topics: Sales, CRM, Marketing, Sales Strategy, TargetWatch, Market Intelligence Data, Sales Growth, Referral Growth

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