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What the CMS Pre-Claim Review Demonstration Means for your Home Health Agency

Posted by John Blake on February 24, 2017



Home health agencies serving Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries are up in arms (and rightly so) with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Pre-Claim Review Demonstration that is now underway after a delayed start. With Illinois, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and Michigan slated for the pilot program, many worry how they will withstand a program that mandates them to submit to a pre-claim review process. Weeding out fraud, abuse and improper payments are at the root of this program, but many fear that they are being penalized unfairly.

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Take Control Of Your Sales Growth with TargetWatch

Posted by Adam Bishop on February 22, 2017



Inefficient and outdated systems are counterintuitive to sales growth. Their lack of transparency often results in missed opportunities and profit loss in the form of reduced market share and presence. More and more, post-acute healthcare companies are realizing that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, they must adapt their business practices.

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5 Steps to Overcoming a Sales Slump

Posted by Adam Bishop on November 18, 2016


Are You in a Sales Slump?

You know the feeling. It seems like no matter what you do, you’re just not happy with your sales. It can happen to almost anyone. Don’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and get frustrated. Use this five-step approach to climb out of that slump.

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Successful Sales Reps Prepare for Success

Posted by Adam Bishop on September 30, 2016


Preparing for the Start of Each New Day is Critical

One thing that all successful sales people have in common is that they don’t just jump into each workday; they prepare themselves to be successful. These tips will help you do the same.

The preparation steps discussed below are most effective when done at the end of the workday for the following day. It’s a good idea to wrap up your day by reviewing the things you accomplished during the day, and making sure that you have set goals for the following day.

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How to Increase Revenue with Sales Mentoring Programs

Posted by Seth West on September 2, 2016


Mentoring: A Lost but Much-Needed Art

Finding a sales mentor used to be standard practice. Some sales people found a mentor on their own. In other situations, companies created formal mentoring programs for new sales people. The result was that new sales people became more productive and generated more revenue. Learn why you need a mentoring program and how to create a mentoring program to help your company grow.

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TAHC&H 47th Annual Meeting: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on August 1, 2016


This year’s TAHC&H conference is titled, “be inspired, get connected, shape your future.” It is a message that resonates today more than ever. With new regulations as well as the changes imposed by the IMPACT Act, agencies are looking for guidance and answers. Attendees will learn how to navigate these changes from experts in the field.

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HCAF 2016 Annual Conference: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on July 25, 2016


Before I tell you about the conference, I want to give you a true, “know before you go” tip. The Renaissance Orlando is fantastic beyond just visiting the tourist sights. It has an incredible waterpark and splash pad as well as a poolside bar with some of the best “loaded waffle fries” you have ever indulged in (and potentially regretted eating later). The hotel rooms are spacious and they feel like a true getaway regardless of if you are attending solo or bringing the family. So what is my tip? Book an extra day and give yourself some time to soak in everything you have learned. You will not regret it.

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16th Gulf Coast Home Care Conference & Exhibition: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on July 21, 2016


We are steadily approaching the 16th Annual Gulf Coast Home Care Conference and Exhibition held this year in Point Clear, Alabama. This show brings together members from The Home Care Association of Alabama, The Homecare Association of Louisiana, and the Mississippi Association of Home Care for three days of expert guidance for home health agencies.

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NAHC 2016 Financial Management Conference & Expo: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on July 6, 2016


The Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is the setting for the National Association of Home Health and Hospice’s Annual Financial Management Conference. This conference is distinctly focused on management, billing, and financial issues facing agencies today. Each year, this conference is very forward-thinking and arms the attendees with the knowledge they need to thrive in a changing healthcare and regulatory landscape.

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The VGM Heartland Conference 2016: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on June 10, 2016


This year’s Heartland Conference will take place at the convention center, just a short distance from the corporate headquarters of VGM. They go out of their way to provide daily break-away entertainment as well as a deep educational opportunity. A majority of the attendees consider this conference to be absolutely indispensable.

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